Climbing and hiking along the Mosel

The Mosel region provides a plurality of tree-climbing parks in the woods along the Mosel. Besides for all hikers and climbers the nearby fixed rope route through the Calmont is a real must-see. There you’re able to wander and climb through Europe’s steepest vineyard. However you should be free from giddiness and you should wear suitable footwear for the trail has a level of difficulty that should not be underestimated. For the less practised the trail along the ridge is a good, albeit little longer alternative. Between May and October a small cabin next to the summit cross offers refreshments and snacks.

But probably the most impressive peculiarity about the Calmont trails is the ever changing view on the surrounding landscape. Therefore take yourself time to wander the narrow trails and podiums. You’ll be rewarded with a unique and consistently fascinating outlook on one of Europe’s most beautiful fluvial topographies.

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