Beeing active along the Mosel

Did you know that Ediger-Eller is one of the most sportive villages along the Mosel? In no other Mosel village you will find a bigger choice of leisure activities and exercise opportunities. Aside from a widely ramified network of hiking trails Ediger-Eller and the Calmont region offer a variety of theme trails for example the Calmont climbing trail, Calmont ridgeway, the trail of religions and the wine path through the Ediger Elzhofberg. An easier alternative presents the wine and smirking path from Ediger to Eller above St. Martin’s church.

With our guest programms we provide you a local guide who will show you even the relatively unknowm destinations like the roman tombs above Ediger, the seven villages view, the lehmen tower or the roman temple on the Calmont heights. Guided tours along the medieval town walls of Ediger, sometimes in the context of an evening tour enjoy great popularity, too.
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There’s something to cater for all tastes!