Weinbergsarbeit Michael Oster Der Anbau

The maintenance of our vineyards is our utmost concern

Mosel valley with it’s imposing landscape is where we grow the grapes for our wines. The maintenance of the vines in Europe’s steepest vineyards of cause is a challenging job. But only in this special environment we can reach the grape quality we need to produce our Riesling.
The south exposure of the vineyards in this regard is the basis for an ideal maturing process of our grapes. Another important element is the unique slate soil of the vineyards. It heats up during the daytime and warms the vines through the night and thus creats an ecologically favoured environment. Not least the slate soil embosses the unique character of our wines and gives them their mineral taste.

The vines are only treated by hand and by a selective harvest we are able to use just the best grapes for the vinification process.
In the flat vineyards grape varieties like Rivaner, Bacchus and even Gewürztraminer and the red varieties are grown. Those vineyards are in part machined whereas the harvest is mainly done by hand. The maintenance follows one simple rule: quality beats quantity cause only out of high quality grapes it’s possible to produce high quality wines!