Der Ausbau, vinification

The differentiated process of vinification

Modern and traditional techniques give distinction to the vinification of our wines alike.
Already during transportation and pressing we set value on a gentle treatment of the grapes.
Each grape variety is contemplated and processed individually. The focus of our vinification concentrates mainly on Riesling. Herby it’s crucial for us to carve out the vineyard’s different characters.

After the juice clarification the fermentation of the later wines begins. Therefore we use different yeast strains for the diverse grape varieties. Many of our wines are still fermentated traditionally with natural yeasts out of the vieyards.
Another important point during the fermentation process is the usage of a cooling system for an individual temperature control of the stainless steel tanks. The idea behind this is to get a preferably constant and longsome fermentation to make sure that the entire aroma of the wine is able to unfold. The duration of this fermentation depends on the aspired style of the individual wine. It usually lies between 4 weeks and up to 10 months.

With our red wines we also set a high value on a differentiated vinification.
Aside of the fruit based wines of the Alltagsklassiker line that are vinified in stainless steal our best red wines make their way right into the barrique barrels. Here they are put for aging and attaining a harmonic finish up to 36 months.